Reseller B2B

Reseller access B2B

Reseller access B2B

Reseller access B2B (for business customers)

With your registration as a business customer (reseller) you get several advantages, they are for example prices with discount and without tax, we also offer attractive prices. Additional we take the complete import risk and the thereby work and costs (shipping, duty etc.). We have partners in Asia and America, that make a first quality check in their countries. So we are able to check the quality of the delivery before importing the products. Additional we have a second quality check in our stock at Germany, before the goods are shipped to you.

We also offer the service for all products we sell, usually we have for every product spare parts on stock. So we can help solving problems in a short time. Normally we have all parts in stock at Germany and can deliver them in 1-2 days to you (Europe).

As a special service for our B2B customers we offer the payment on invoice or direct debit (both with 7 days time for payment) after the 2nd order, also for order volumes above 1.000€. So you can check the quality of your products, before paying them.

Following steps are necessary to get a business customer account:

1. Register in our onlineshop.

2. Send us your official business registration at:

3. We check your informations and unlock asap your business account.

4. After the second order send us a short message and we unlock also the payment on invoice (after a successfull credit assessment).

If you need very high quantities (> 100 pieces) or want to make a significant order, please send us an enquiry before ordering. We can check your demand and make a special pricing for you. Please contact our service therefore (