Old parts recycling

Old parts recycling

Old parts recycling

Hints for disposal your old electronic and electrical parts

Electrical and electronic parts are not allowed to depose in your household refuse.You can depose them free of costs at your local gathering places or send them back to us, we will manage the correct disposal for you. The only thing you have to pay is the delivery back to us, all other costs are paid by us. It is a big wish for us, to save the environment and to use our ressources efficient. This include of course the correct disposal of wast and the recycling of raw materials.



Hints for the return & disposal of batteries

Batteries are also not allowed to depose them in your household refuse. You can also bring them free of costs to your local gathering station or to every shop that sell batteries, they have to dispose them also for free. Of course you can send them back to us, you only have to pay the shipping costs to us. Just send your old batteries to our warehouse, we take care of dispose them correctly.

No waste for your household trash

Contaminated batteries are marked with an special sign, consisting a slashed garbage can and the chemical sign (Cd, Hg oder Pb) of the hazardous heavy metal.

Please pay attention that you only recycle empty batteries. Empty batteries mean that the device turns off because of low battery capacity. Our advice is that every battery pole should be short circuit protected with a glue strip for recycling, this is usefull for empty and necessary for not empty batteries.

Hazardous heavy metal

The sign of the slashed garbage can means: Batteries are not allowed for your household refuse. The two digit sign means the following:

  • PB: includes lead
  • Cd: includes cadmium
  • Hg: includes mercury